About Us

Our Story

Christian Hope Community Association (CHCA) was founded on December 2012 by Merquisedec (Mecky) and Kenisha Paradys to continue and expand the vision and mission of the late pastor Paulino Paradys.

Today we work with just over seventy children in Villa Central. We have seen the love of God manifested in a mighty way through our individual partners, Rhema Christian Ministries (Canada), and The Bridge, a Markham Community Church (Canada). There are many more individuals who have given of their time, wisdom, resources and prayers that have kept this ministry in service for the Lord.

The History (Founded in 1984)

Pastor Paulino Paradys and his wife Ondina Perez in April 1984 founded Hogar Cristiano para Niños Huerfanos (HCNH). The couple were deeply moved by the condition that children in their community were living in. This led them to take the first steps to spark change by feeding needy and hungry children under a mango tree of their village Palmarito, in Barahona. Pastor Paulino committed $5 pesos out of his $15 pesos monthly salary to provide food for the needy children. 

Prior to the incorporation of HCNH, Pastor Paulino was overwhelmed by this great need, and it was at this time that financial support came from William de Jesus, a resident of Florida, USA which led to the incorporation of Hogar Cristiano para Niños Huerfanos, Inc (non-profit). In 2001 the couple extended their help to the area of Villa Central, and started feeding and sharing the gospel with the impoverish children in the area. In 2002 Ishani Slocombe took a great leap of faith by venturing to Barahona to meet with Pastor Paulino. It was on this trip Ishani discovered one of her passions in life. She then invited Kenisha and Sharma Gnansegaram in 2003 to join her on the mission field. Through her obedience and leap of faith CHCA is what it is today. It allowed so many other individuals to discover their own passion through serving in the Kingdom of God. CHCA was founded to continue to expand the work that was started by Pastor Paulino.

Our Family


My name is Kenisha Taylor-Paradys (born in Toronto, Canada) and my three wonderful boys; Joseph (11 years old), Micaias (10 years old) and Jeremiah (8 years old).

As of March 2013, we have been residing in Barahona, a south-west province in the Dominican Republic. My first four years here in Barahona was spent serving together with my husband Merquisedec (Mecky) until our marriage dissolved in June 2017. In August 2003, I went on my first mission’s trip, which led me to Barahona with two friends, Ishani and Sharma, to work alongside the late Pastor Paulino with the children of Villa Central. It was on this trip that I felt the strong call of God to move permanently to the Dominican Republic.

On March 14, 2005, we were married. Mecky then moved to Canada so we could be together in June 2006. It was always in our hearts to return to the Dominican Republic to work alongside Mecky’s father, Pastor Paulino in spreading the Gospel and God’s love to the impoverished children and their families in various areas. Our move, however, was expedited upon the sudden passing of Pastor Paulino on August 5th, 2012.

The past five years have been filled with many challenges, but many more rewards. We are responsible for the operation of Eden Christian Centre, nicknamed La Montañita, and hosting various short-term missions teams and individuals from around the world.


My role requires me to wear various hats depending on the day. I am director, teacher, mentor, community leader, accountant, and the list goes on.

On average, so far we have the privilege to host about two missions teams a year. These teams help us to complete various building or maintenance projects, host VSB programs, facilite community outreach programs, as well as lead prayer walks and street evangelism.

The Mission Statement

The mission of Christian Hope Community Association is to present the love of Jesus Christ to the children, families and communities of the Dominican Republic through establishing programs to teach the Word of God, academics training, and job skills development that will equip each child and young adult.

About our program and school


About 98% of our students do not have access to public school because they do not have birth papers, they are extremely poor and public school are overcrowded. Our students and staff receive breakfast and a hot lunch daily. We presently have four classrooms (with hopes of expanding soon). We have Kinder: ages 2 – 5, Grade 1: ages 6-7, Split Grade 2/3: ages 8-10 and Grade 4: ages 10-17.

Our program is designed to provide these children with well needed opportunities to study the Word of God, to receive basic academic training, and the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are applicable to their lives and that will lift them out of poverty.

The school operates Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 12:10pm

We focus on building the students’ tolerance of diversity and open opportunities for future career choices and give them a global voice that will be beneficial to the nation of the Dominican Republic.

The majority, if not all, the missionaries presently to visit CHCA are English speaking. The students have expressed a strong desire to speak English thanks to our visitors and supporters.